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Wooden Doll's Prams

Traditional Doll's Prams made from Wood

Wooden toys are probably some of the most popular around these days. Both kids and parents love the natural hardy material, and particularly the traditional designs available in wooden toys. But don't be fooled by the looks. These toys are tough as well as fun to play with! And wooden doll's prams are no different. Kids love the chunky feel of the wood, and parents know the pram will last and last, and could even be handed down to be enjoyed by other children. Plus with a wooden dolls pram parents can be sure to be avoiding plastics and rubber. Many wooden doll's prams are perfectly designed for toddlers. Small and compact, fun and easy to play with, yet tough enough to withstand a good bashing!

Some of the most popular wooden doll's prams:

Wooden Doll's Prams for Young Children

Every little girl and toddler would love to put her favourite dolls in a chunky, old fashioned wooden pram. All of these prams are beautiful to look at, with the proportions and size is just perfect for toddlers. Better still, you can find many wooden dolls prams designed for both boys and girls, and some of them indeed look more like little toy trucks or wheelbarrows! So if you know a little boy who wants to push his teddy bears, dolls or other toys around, then a wooden pram is perfect. With a wooden prams, little girls can enjoy a stroll with their dolls and teddy bears, and little boys like to use it as a cart or wheelbarrow. Either way, it's a real winner! These prams are usually made from sturdy wood, in a good old fashioned, traditional style. Try to look for prams with slightly bigger wheels, as this will give the pram a better balance and make it easier to push along.

wooden doll's pram

Wooden dolls prams are beautiful toys with traditional looks, made from traditional materials, and perfect for toddlers and young children. See above for the most popular wooden dolls prams at the best prices.

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